Predatory Fish

Bass Fishing & Pike Fishing

Black Bass & PikePredatory Fish

The waters of Wild Lake are rich in predatory fish such as Black Bass and Pike, with spectacular colouration and good sizes.

This type of fish has been ever present in the waters, since being populated 50 years ago.

When fishing at Wild Lakes, it is not difficult to come across fish that can test your technique and experience.


The angling methods permitted are Spin Fishing and Fly Fishing.

Fishing is practiced exclusively by water vessel or Belly Boat. It is also possible to rent boats at Wild Lake, equipped with motors and batteries ready to go.


Daily ticket: 40€

Single boat: €50 engine and double battery and insurance

Double boat: €70 engine and double battery and insurance

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The weeks dedicated to Spin Fishing are not active all year.

Based on the seasonality and weather conditions, we schedule weeks dedicated entirely to this discipline.

In this way, we can devote the entire fishing area of Wild Lake to Spin Fishing and Fly Fishing.

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