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Wild Lake

80 hectares of water for lovers of nature and fishing.


80 hectares of water, with nature that brings well-being. Wild Lake will regenerate the spirit and body of any lover of sports fishing.

Quality Services

Our mission is to make guests to the lake feel “at home”, ensuring meticulous care for the entire management of the lake.

Wild because…

Wild because in this lake, as a one-of-a-kind, the pristine nature is the protagonist. Experienced fisherman will discover a harmony that is difficult to find elsewhere.


Everything is included in our rates – when you reach Wild Lake, all you need to focus on is fishing and relaxing.

Wild Lake is a marvel of nature

These are not our words but those of the people who came to fish in the Wild Lake waters.

The uniqueness of Wild Lake is the unpolluted nature, inimitable fishing spots and our 50-year history.

European and common carp, Italian pike and black bass are present in the waters.

Chi siamo

Are you keen on experiencing Wild Lake?

If we have managed to spark even a slight curiosity about Wild Lake, we are pleased. All you need to do is book your week to visit and see with your own eyes just what it means to fish whilst surrounded by unpolluted nature.

Wild Lake is open all day, every day, all year round – a paradise for all carp anglers, bass men and especially true nature lovers!


So many carps with wonderful colouration, fish of different sizes and fry born and raised at Wild Lake.


The waters of the Wild Lake are rich in big Italian pike, easily recognisable by their bright and shiny colouration.

Out of respect and for the protection of the species, pike fishing is not pre-scheduled on the calendar, instead we open specific weeks throughout the course of the year. If you want to always be informed about the latest news from Wild Lake and on this type of fishing, simply sign up for our newsletter.

Back Bass

Black Bass, the fresh water predator of American origin, is plentiful at Wild Lake, patrolling the waters undisturbed. When travelling by boat along the canals and the various fishing spots, it is not so rare to see this predator on the hunt!

Just like the pike, bass fishing is not opened all year-round, so to find out when you have the opportunity to explore the fishing spots in search of big bass, you can subscribe to the dedicated newsletter or follow us on our Facebook page.


Fishing Spots