Wild Lake Techniques

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Hooks, elastic use, and baiting with Stefano Salata


We inaugurate the Wild Techniques playlist with the first video directly from fishing spot 22 at Wild Lake.

Throughout the video, you’ll discover techniques and tricks on how to best approach a fishing session in this swim, thanks to the advice from Stefano Salata of Team Korda Italy.

Sonar use, spot identification, and baiting with Roberto Vanacore


Second video of Wild Techniques, this time with Roberto Vanacore, directly from fishing spot 16 at Wild Lake in Soncino.

Throughout the video, thanks to Roberto’s narrative voice, you’ll learn how to approach this swim effectively, from spot identification to baiting, including the use of the fishfinder as a crucial tool for reading the bottom and deciding on a strategic cast.

Rig with the ‘stone as a weight,’ baiting, and much more with Andrea Baronio


Third video of Wild Techniques, this time at peg 19 of Wild Lake featuring Andrea Baronio from Team Nash Italy.

During the video, Andrea will guide us to discover the hot spots of peg 19, and together with him, we will learn how to approach this corner of paradise at Wild Lake. In this video, we’ll also see how to set up the ‘stone as a weight’ rig, an essential trick for anyone looking to tackle the waters of Wild Lake effectively.

Love and Passion for Carp Fishing: Mattia Travasoni.


Fourth video of Wild Techniques, Mattia Travasoni at peg 14 for a 4-day carp fishing experience filled with emotions.

One of the most beautiful swims of the lake tackled by Mattia, who, thanks to his experience and undisputed skills, has managed to land catches of significant size and with unmistakable markings that only Wild Lake can offer.

Using the marker float for drifting in carp fishing with Mattia Facchinetti


Fifth video of Wild Techniques, Mattia Facchinetti at peg 20 describes in detail a fishing session with some emphasis on the use of the marker float to make casts in ‘challenging’ spots.

Jakob Kögel and Felix Gottwald directly from Germany


Jakob Kögel and Felix Gottwald in a week-long session at Wild Lake. In the video, they describe their approach to the lake, techniques used, baiting, and how to use the marker float for drifting.
N.B. The video is in German with subtitles in Italian and English.

Fabio Caccialanza and Andrea Gatti in one of the most beautiful pegs at Wild Lake


7th episode of Wild Lake Techniques, featuring Fabio Caccialanza and Andrea Gatti at peg 11, sharing their techniques and choices for a highly successful fishing session!
N.B. The video is in Italian with subtitles in English and German.

Davide Scardino and Mattia Cargnel at peg 10 of Wild Lake


Guests of this new video: Davide Scardino and Mattia Cargnel, who, from peg 10 at Wild Lake, explain the techniques and strategies adopted for a session that has provided them with numerous catches and enjoyable moments.

Spot identification, baiting, and rig setups—all carefully planned in every detail.

Michael Münst and Andreas Seifert rely on the Self Made


8th episode of Wild Lake Techniques featuring Michael Münst and Andreas Seifert, who, directly from Germany, tackled a week of fishing at peg 4 with truly astonishing results!
N.B. The video is in German with subtitles in Italian and English.

Michele Vallesi – Any Water in a pre-The Place to Be session


A Wild Techniques recorded a few days before The Place to Be! In peg 22 of Wild Lake, guest Michele Vallesi from Any Water, who arrived at Wild a few days before the #TPTB event, wanted to recharge his batteries, and on the occasion, we recorded his truly fabulous fishing session. Spot identification, baiting, and rigs, all branded (logically) Any Water!

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