It’s Thursday and my partner Mattia and I are going to cross the threshold of the Wild Lake, a special place for us, one of those places that you carry in your heart, always!We greet the always cordial Andrea, we drink a coffee in the company of other carpist friends and finally we drive to swim 16.

Given the weather is not the best with a sky that seems to promise imminent rain, we assemble the base camp and immediately begin the “drop line operations”.Mattia takes the left side of the lake, I the right.

The rods are dropped in this way:One in the midlle of the islands, the second in the right underside and the third on a tongue that bisects the lake just before the reeds, which we identify without problems thanks to the use of the echo sounder.Mattia instead decides to cover the left underside, part of this ridge takes advantage of the reeds that borders it.

The feeding is carried out with boilies and the always excellent 9mm pellet that Andrea gives us comfortably here at the lake.As always, we don’t mind quantity, here at the Wild Lake we have learned that feeding must always be consistent and generous.

Throughout the day the rain drops undaunted and, as if this were not enough already, a cold wind also rises, all this is certainly not a good omen.During the first night Mattia captures two fish near the reed while my alarms are silent until the following morning, when unfortunately, I lose the potential first fish of the session.

The second day continues with a single capture by Mattia, a nice mirror.Saturday arrives and the conditions change radically for the better and consequently my mood and hopes are rekindled; a warm sun wakes us up and makes us 100% confident that this is the right time.

I decide to change a spot … then off the rod from the ridge, which I place in the right underside in the middle of some plants, just in conjunction with the channel that connects to the swims 17/18/19.Never choice was so apt.It creates a kind of connection between this rod and the not distant series of islands that give me constant departures throughout the afternoon, I like to think that maybe even my girlfriend’s visit brought me luck!

At 5 pm the rod underside starts  and after a hard fight we immediately understand both Mattia and me who is in the landing net there is a trophy.Arrived in position and realized the fact of having captured the biggest career fish, new personal best!

A majestic queen over the 20 kg that, as it should be, puts me in difficulty in the operations of photography (what an effort!).I still don’t believe it, to succeed in such an enterprise in the lake where as a kid I lowered my rigs for the first time leaves me entranced, without words, a mix of incredible emotions, emotions not comparable to anything else, emotions just that only fishing is successful to give you.After years of fishing here at the Wild Lake I finally managed to catch one of those fish that I always dreamed of catching from the first day.

Celebration with Mattia and my girlfriend and the evening ends without other catches.Last morning: we wake up with the sound of the alarm once again, the story seems to repeat itself, constant catches only on the two rods that I had dropped the previous day.

We have lunch by the lake and calmly dismantle everything, we reach Andrea in the club house and in the company of the other boys we confront each other in front of a nice slice of cake and a nice hot tea.The result is that the change in temperature, both outside and in the water, has certainly benefited carp by putting them in motion during the day and making them respond successfully to our baits.We return home, I thank Andrea as always for his availability.

As always I thank my friend and partner Mattia because in sessions like this, being in tune helps to better set a “challenging” catch.

Inside me instead, I thank the Wild Lake and its nature because, for me it is always a pleasure to come back and live it as if it were the first time when I fell in love with carp fishing and this fantastic Lake!To hte next time my friend!